Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

N.TitlePerformed byWritten by
1Heartbreaker Salva Paul Silva, Joe Galdo and Ian Becker
2Nasty Girlitten and performed by T.J. Miller
3Dat Slap Rodnae Da Boss Featuring Fiend AKA International Jones Rodney Young
4First LightPerformed by Racing Glaciers
5Moonlight Reflected on the Er-Quan SpringPerformed by Lei Qiang
6U Can't Touch This M.C. Hammer Rick James and M.C. Hammer (as Stanley Kirk Burrell)
7Daybreak Geng Han (as Han Geng) Skot Suyama, Evangeline Wong and Alto Tsai
8All For Youitten, produced and performed by Imagine Dragons
9Battle Cryitten, produced and performed by Imagine Dragons

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